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Rules and policies

Isis District State High School  has a number of rules and policies endorsed by the school’s Parents and Citizens Association that allow for the effective operation of the school in providing a supportive school  environment that allows for and encourages student learning and the development of positive relationships. 

School Rules

A set of school rules governs procedures that should be followed by students on the school site.  

Dress Code

Isis District State High School is a ‘uniform’ school (like most other state secondary schools in Queensland).  The Dress Code policy (DOC 39KB) on standards for students has been determined by the school community and endorsed by the Parents and Citizens Association.  It is designed to contribute to and support a healthy and safe learning environment which allows students to participate in school activities. The main purpose of a uniform is that it identifies the person as a member of our community and secondly it removes the competitive element from dress style, presenting students more equally.  The support of parents in having their children dressed appropriately supporting the school dress code is appreciated. 

Computer Use

Our school places a high significance on the importance of modern learning technology (including computers and the internet) ass valuable resources to assist student learning in the curriculum. The onus must be on the responsible use by students of the school’s learning technology resources and the Computer Use policy describe student responsibilities. 

A school Policies Booklet (DOC 498KB) contains a range of other policies relevant to the effective operation of the school.

Isis District State High School utilises a team approach to behaviour support and includes the involvement of school administrators, staff, students, parents and members of the wider community, as well as personnel from other agencies.

A Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students describes expectations and support for facilitating appropriate student behaviour, as well as consequences  if that does not occur.  The school also encourages good student behaviour through implementation of the School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support program.

School facilitation of a supportive school environment is described elsewhere on this website under Behaviour Management.

The school is cognizant of the threat of bullying to student welfare and takes all possible steps to eliminate it as described in the Anti-Bullying Policy.